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Carpeting often has thick padding under it so even if you remove the surface stain and odor, the urine sinks in and odors linger. If left on too long, the urine will remove the carpet’s color, too.

Of course, the best way to keep your household rugs clean is to never walk on them, ever. Or if you must walk on them, diligently apply that clear, thick plastic covering that your Grandmother uses to safeguard her precious floral love seat. You will doubtlessly feel like a microwave dinner, enshrouded in synthetic plastics, but at least your carpet will remain pristine.

Removing the odor from a freshly urinated area is said to be easier than the dried old ones. So, if the urine stain is still wet, you can skip this step and move towards the next. The problem with dog urine is that it continues to emit a foul odor, even when it has become old and dry. So, if you are able to smell the foul dog urine, but are not able to trace the stain, a black light can help you. Switch off all the lights in the room and turn on a black light lamp which is easily available in local stores. The black light makes the stain caused by dog urine to glow brightly. Mark all the areas with a chalk or a piece of yarn. Once you have spotted the problem area, wet the area with lots of cool water. You can also use a carpet cleaning machine to wet the area thoroughly.

Detergent which water damage restoration hasn’t been dried correctly will attract unwanted dirt. The left over residue from cleaning your carpet will act like a magnet and your carpets will appear dirty soon after cleaning.

When the body is dehydrated the urine becomes highly concentrated and can have a strong ammonia smell. Most changes in urine odor are temporary. Urine odor is related to the volume and concentration of a variety of chemicals excreted by the kidneys. When the kidneys have less fluid, the odor will be a little stronger and darker. Healthy urine is clear to light yellow with little to no odor. Some foods such as asparagus, certain medication and certain vitamins can also affect the odor of urine. Symptoms of dehydration in the body can lead to many more severe conditions.

Removing loose soil while it remains on the surface is important so that it is not worked into the carpet pile by foot traffic. Removing embedded soil is more difficult and time consuming than removing surface soil.

Finally, always remember the saying “you get what you pay for.” If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. In business we say: price, quality, service – pick any two.

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