Protein Levels In Urine

No matter how clean you keep things, accidents DO happen. Whether you have pets, kids or an elderly parent, a urine stain can happen anytime and the odor and stain can be VERY difficult to eliminate.

Blot up the liquid stains with an absorbent cloth or paper towel. White cloths are recommended because certain dyes may bleed and make the stain worse. By the way, to “blot” something means to dab at it with sustained top pressure. Not vigorously rub at the stain like you’re trying to start a fire on the carpet with two sticks.

There are two primary carpet cleaning pricing methods – by the room or by the square foot. If carpet cleaners charge by the square foot, ask if they compute their charges on the over-all room size or only on the actual area they clean. Then do some simple math, and compare that price to what cleaners who charge by the room have quoted. In general it is easier to understand and easier to estimate by the room pricing over the phone or the Internet when compared to square foot pricing. However, most professional property managers and facility managers request by the square foot pricing.

Eliminate the dirt before it enters your home. Direct prevention like placing a door mat water damage restoration by your front door makes a huge difference in keeping your carpet clean. Asking your family and friends to remove their shoes when they enter your room will effectively reduce the amount of dirt entering your home.

The third main component of cat urine, uric acid, is the problematic one. Uric acid is what causes the strong cat urine smell and make any urine stain a big challenge to remove. In cat urine uric acid is urine odor more concentrated than in other urine. Cats are not big water drinkers so their urine tends to be more concentrated and so it is the uric acid.

According to the site, Zero Odor costs $29.95 for two 22-ounce bottles, plus two 4-oz. “travel bottles,” and they are, at the beginning of March, on sale for $3.00 off. The site is marked with the BBB seal of accreditation, and the product is offered with a money-back guarantee for a full refund.

White vinegar can be used in literally thousands of ways. Keep several gallons on hand and check out and for natural, safe, inexpensive, effective household uses.

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