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Framing water damage isn’t that hard to spot, however, you can’t be afraid of the attic. There are plenty of people who are afraid to enter this insect infested, rodent crawling place of ultimate darkness. You can always hire a professional contractor if you’re afraid, hopefully they won’t be.

Carpets naturally fade too, so rearranging furniture to switch up the traffic areas will help, and the sun won’t be hitting the same spot too, which also contributes to fading.

Also, consider keeping a mat at the entrance of your main doorways where you have the most foot traffic. This will help limit any heavy staining from tracking in mud, dirt and other outdoor debris.

Another important concern you should have when choosing who will clean your carpets is the experience of the technician. Aiming to do business with a larger company or one that has been in business a long time isn’t always the answer. The problem is there are a lot of department stores and other recognized businesses that offer carpet cleaning, but they have a very high turnover of staff and they hire technicians with very little training.

Shine a black light, available at pet supply stores, onto the carpet or furniture to locate the stain. Both new and old stains will appear. Remove them with the special pet water damage restoration cleaning products mentioned above.

Now for the important question, how can you spot water damage in your attic and what will you be looking for? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves first were going urine odor to need me few things.

Eliminate the dirt before it enters your home. Direct prevention, like placing a door mat by your front door, makes a huge difference in keeping your carpet clean. Asking your family and friends to remove their shoes when they enter your room will effectively reduce the amount of dirt entering your home.

Sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet about 20-30 minutes prior to vacuuming. The longer you let the baking soda sit, the better it will work as a deodorizer. You can also take a container (old seasoning shaker, parmesan cheese container, etc) and use it to make a home made mixture of baking soda and cinnamon. This can be sprinkled onto your carpet before vacuuming to deodorize your carpet while leaving behind a pleasant scent. Start off by adding a small box of baking soda and one teaspoon of cinnamon to the shaker and blend well. Take caution in sprinkling the cinnamon onto light colored carpet.

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