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Framing water damage isn’t that hard to spot, however, you can’t be afraid of the attic. There are plenty of people who are afraid to enter this insect infested, rodent crawling place of ultimate darkness. You can always hire a professional contractor if you’re afraid, hopefully they won’t be. If the urine is not fresh […]

Advanced Leather Repair

There are a number of people buying wool carpets but they do not realize that these soft and wonderful carpets would need special care and attention. The sales person who sold you the wool carpet might have also forgotten to mention that you cannot use Oxyclean or Woolite on these carpets. However the carpet sales […]

How Clean Carpets Friendly To The Environment Way

The Water Damage Restoration Technician test by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). Water Damage Restoration Technician is a designation that a professional restorer needs to prove that he or she is compiling with the most prevalent standards in the restoration industry. It has become increasingly important for a professional who is […]

How To Actually Complete Property Restoration

When choosing a good vacuum or carpet cleaner, we not only look at the suction power but also the ability to thoroughly clean the affected area, the capability of removing awkward stains, trapped dirt, stop bacteria breeding and let your carpet look new and feel fresh again. One effective and powerful tool that requires mention […]

Area Rugs And Permanent Carpets Positive Aspects Cleaning And Selection

Carpeting often has thick padding under it so even if you remove the surface stain and odor, the urine sinks in and odors linger. If left on too long, the urine will remove the carpet’s color, too. Shine a black light, available at pet supply stores, onto the carpet or furniture to locate the stain. […]

The Best Carpet Cleaning Machines

No matter how clean you keep things, accidents DO happen. Whether you have pets, kids or an elderly parent, a urine stain can happen anytime and the odor and stain can be VERY difficult to eliminate. Many people try to remove pet stains from their carpets with a steam cleaner, thinking that this will remove […]

How To Fix A Wet Cell Phone

You are never sure of what you might get when purchasing a used vehicle. If things work in your favor, a used vehicle report should be available for your car. Sometimes, these things can be outdated. To avoid accidentally purchasing a lemon, it’s key to know how to evaluate the vehicle yourself to detect minor […]

The Proper Way Clean Carpets

The Warwick Mall is under water and there are hundreds of Rhode Island residents who are suffering after massive rains caused the worst flooding the state has seen in over 100 years. It is a battle you have to win and the first step is to know your enemy. Always remember that your enemy is […]

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