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Wet Cleaning The first method we’ll take a look at is the wet method. Wet methods of cleaning, as the name suggest, use the most amount of water in the cleaning process. There are two main types – shampooing and steam cleaning.

Since I received a deluge of requests from people wanting to know the answers to test for CCT. I thought I would just add a link on the my website with the answers. Visit the Magic Wand Company website below and select the Article tab then WRT Test Answers.

Removing unwanted stains can be very awkward, time consumer and quite expensive. The best advice would be to get to that spot before it becomes a stain. carpet cleaning is most effective right after a spill.

Restoration companies have invaluable experience and knowledge. They understand that every fire is unique; therefore the clean up process has to be tailored to suit the particular needs of that specific fire. The type of house materials involved the amount of damage that was inflicted and even how the fire was put out are important aspects that determine the proper water damage restoration course of action for a restoration technician.

Take a quick drive. The fastest way to determine whether your car has flood damage is to start it. Check each component of the electrical system for proper functioning and no liquid oozing out of the vents or gaps. Drive the car to make sure that everything is working fine. If not it’s possible that the vehicle was previously damaged urine odor in a flood.

Certain mechanical areas of your car need to be inspected if you drive through large amounts of water. Many of these are ones you can do yourself. They include the suspension joints, oil and transmission fluid dipsticks, radiator, and undercarriage of your car. If you see any signs of water damage in these areas, or something “just doesn’t look right” after driving through a large amount of water, the press release suggests contacting a professional to assist in checking and making necessary repairs.

There are plenty of products specifically created to remove stains and odor. Not all of them work well and give you the desired results. Some remove the odor and the stain but only temporarily not permanently. Others remove the stain but not the cat urine smell. See my recommended products to remove cat urine smell and stains permanently.

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